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Spiritual Mentorship &

Biz Coaching For Healers

EXPAND is a Twelve Week 1:1 Online Program designed to help you literally expand into the visions you have for yourself and your business yet haven't quite embodied nor actualized to the fullest.
Think more empowerment, more confidence, more joy, more impact, more money! Literally!
All of the inner desires you have and the visions you receive are available to you sooner rather than later, otherwise you wouldn't receive them!
With nearly a decade in running my own business as a healer alongside a consistent spiritual and yoga practice, I would be more than honored to offer my experience and knowledge as I hold space for you, guiding you into the mastery you're here to embody and the healing you're here to create for others.
If you've made it as far as reading this right here, right now - - then now is the time.
In our work together, I'll help you:

- understand and master your energetic gifs & sensitivities

- get to know, befriend and transform the neurological patterns that keep you from growing

- develop and cultivate a deeper yoga, meditation, pranayama & self care practice

- heal your relationship to money

- understand and improve your capacity for setting boundaries: both energetic and literal

- uncover subconscious narratives that are ready to be released

- claim your power and take action toward your passion and purpose

- manifest your visions in your relationships, your home, your business/profession and more

- implement proven strategies that support bringing your personal and professional visions to life

There is so much more available to you. 
What you want is available, now.  It is truly within reach.  
By implementing tools that help you shed and dissolve energetic, emotional and physical patterns that keep you from expanding, you'll begin to see what you have been calling in slowly but surely come into your life.
As you expand into your broader, wider and more subtle energy field, you'll shed the densities and fears that hold you back. 
In our work together, I'm listening to you and getting to know you from so many angles so we can collectively help you take the most aligned action to create what you want for yourself. Action is what yields change; inspired action different from anything you've every done before.  My coaching style is very direct, intuitive, full of true, unbinding love and will challenge you to see the truth, the truth that is easily overlooked by the conscious mind. 
I'll help you implement tools to develop internal emotional and mental resilience as well as external transformation.  Truly beginning to live the way you desire to live.
I'll attentively listen to your needs and as a response, I'll recommend yoga postures, breath techniques and certain lineages/styles of yoga that I think will help you balance and integrate physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. (With nearly a decade of practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama almost every single day, I have a keen awareness of what works and when!)
You'll also be required to take your human design test (if you don't already know yours), go through a basic Ayurvedic assessment with me to determine your primary dosha, and, I'll provide you a Korosot Astrology reading for your knowledge (and fun!).  All of these things will be consistently referenced throughout our work together to help you understand how they apply in your life and to see what is in balance, what is out of balance and what can be implemented to bring you back to balance.
You see, balance = alignment = expansion = true joy.
It would truly be such a gift to help you on your journey! Let's chat! 

What's included:

- Twelve weekly one hour Zoom Sessions

- On going communication via email

- Personal Development Techniques

- Professional & Business Growth Strategies

- Human Design Test

- Korosot Astrology Reading

- Private Yoga Guidance

- Energy Healing

- Ayurvedic Assessment

- EFT Training

- Unconditional Support

Pay in Full Option: $1997
Payment Plan: Four Payments of $547

(Customized Payment Plans Available as well. Let's chat.)

Transformations & Praise

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