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Get started healing those around you.

If you're like me, you might feel a deep sense of empathy for all of the suffering that takes place throughout the world.


You recognize that, even though society appears to be growing and the global population continues to rise, it seems more people feel alone and isolated than ever before. Perhaps that's related to the intensity of the recent pandemic, but perhaps that was already occurring; in response to the digital age, to the loss of connection with nature, to forgotten community-oriented values, and more.


Maybe you notice that something feels 'off' with mainstream medicine.  Many people are not receiving quality care, and often end in bankruptcy for procedures that didn't necessarily resolve their health issues to begin with.  They're stuck in the 'medical-merry-go-round,' if you will.

Knowing and witness all of this may leave you asking the question: "how can I help?" Or: "is it even possible for me to help?"

I'm happy to report that YES, IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO HELP.  And, to be honest, we need you — all of you — now more than ever.

You may not necessarily want a career as a 'massage therapist' or an alternative health practitioner,  but you feel the urge to provide for your community so to alleviate the suffering you see, even just a little bit. And, if you do want to pursue a career in the healing arts, bodywork, yoga, or wellness industries — even better! Truly, the more the merrier. There are eight billion people on this planet, after all. 

For me, I've been asking myself the question: "How can I help," consistently since I was fifteen years old, after the sudden passing of my father from a massive heart attack. In that moment, I knew there was more to medicine than what he was receiving at that time. And now, eighteen years later, I'm continually inspired to make the practices I've come into contact with that actually work more known, more seen, and more accessible.


Learn the traditional healing art of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and bring compassion, love, joy, and equanimity to the whole being of those you serve (starting with yourself) — making space for vitality, rejuvenation, and possibility on every level. 

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More than massage. More than Yoga.

SomaVeda Thai Yoga and Integrative Therapies provides a system of healing designed to bring the whole body into balance through intelligent bodywork, yoga therapy, energy healing, nutritional supplementation, mental health counseling, spiritual guidance and natural medicine practices from around the world.

Founded by Aachan Dr. Anthony B. James, the system primarily comprises of traditional Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Ayurveda, Native American and Indigenous Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sacred Nutrition, Energy Psychology, and Contemporary Health Sciences such as the use of bio-electromagnetic therapies, and more.

Nuad Boran, otherwise known as Thai Yoga Therapy (or thai massage), and Traditional Thai Ayurveda are the most sought after and emphasized modalities within the system. People from all around the world have studied with The Thai Yoga Center and SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine based in Brooksville, Florida as well as the satellite teachers throughout the entire United States.

Whether you simply want to try Thai Yoga out by learning the basics, or you want to take it further by becoming a professional practitioner … 


Upcoming Trainings with Khruu Alex

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Level One: The Fundamentals of SomaVeda Thai Yoga

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