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To live in alignment is to make space for your entire human experience while aligning your choices, actions and mindset with your true self, your true nature: one of love and compassion.


The negative patterns, the conditioned self, the ego, the shadow, the sorrow, the suffering … and the light, the joy, the happiness, the prosperity — it is all apart of you!


Every bit of it is a part of you, but it isn't you at your core.


And, in truth, none of it is 'good' nor 'bad,' it is completely neutral.

My role is to help you cultivate an embodied sense of neutrality — of equanimity —  by distinguishing that which is your conditioned self and that which is your true self, so that you live in a place of alignment to your core essence.

It is in this space of allowing (witnessing all that there is within ourselves) and alignment (connection to our 'higher' self and true nature) that our lives begin to transform right before our eyes: manifestations come through, relationships improve, health issues 'dissolve,' and so much more.

In one sense, dis-ease (of the mind, the heart, the body) can be perceived as a disconnect from our soul's purpose.


To know our soul's purpose, we must first find out that which we are not.


When we carve out time to sit with the 'negative' parts of ourselves that we tend to avoid, disregard, suppress or hide, we begin to untether our beliefs and actions from that that which isn't true and embody that which is true.


What is your truth?


Honestly, no one can answer that for you.  It is something you uncover on your own, but you do not have to go through your process alone.


You can receive help and guidance along your path.


In many cases, we literally cannot see the 'negative' patterns that are holding us back from our true nature.


A mentor, coach, and spiritual guide points us in the direction of our blindspots and expands our subconscious into seeing what is possible.



In these intuitive healing and spiritual coaching sessions, my aim is to consistently help you turn toward your own inner power, wisdom, truth and remembrance of self love.  In our time together, we will work on whatever is currently alive for you in your life that you’re feeling challenged by and/or having a hard time navigating alone (or simply don’t want to navigate alone).  We’ll collectively align you toward your true nature, identify energetic, emotional and physical patterns that are no longer serving you and allow them the space to both be seen and to dissolve (to integrate into all that is you). 


One thing is true, being human is ‘messy.’  Being human means we will always experience the full Spectrum of existence: joy, sadness, excitement, grief — so much more.  The stronger our capacity to shine self love onto our individual experience, the freer we will find ourselves to be: less bound by the negative influences and instead — a steward of light, consciousness and gentle resilience.  Align to your true self, cultivate self love alongside the mess of being a human, connect to your inner guides and witness all that is possible, in the now! This is powerful and brave work, it is truly an honor to serve you alongside your spiritual path!

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  • Ayurveda Dosha Balancing

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