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Image by Igor Dernovoy

What you want

is seeking you, too.

If you imagine an authentic desire as your body-mind tuning into measurable frequencies of what is possible for you , what comes up?


I fully believe and function from the space that desires are a GPS system for your spiritual growth, if we let them be (and if we know how to listen to them).

At some point in time, early on in our lives, we are exposed to external circumstances that condition and program our psyches and neurophysiology in ways that often take us away from trusting -- or knowing -- how to hear our authentic voices and desires.

There is a difference between an authentic desire and a conditioned desire.

To breakthrough is to identify what is yours and what isn't yours, freeing yourself from the constraints of your conditioning, then courageously taking action (even if it's the smallest step, one at a time) toward your hearts deepest calling.

In Breakthrough Sessions, I intuitively hold space for you, integrating multiple healing modalities and spiritual systems as needed, to help you understand and see your Self from a clear, compassionate space -- coming to know your patterning and conditioning and choosing to pivot into new pathways, new possibilities, new, more aligned actions.

Action is key. Change doesn't occur where there is inaction, and, it will be up to you what action you take with your newfound clariy and self undersr


Your first session will include an intensive questionnaire; I will also pull up your Human Design Chart and Astrology Birth Chart before your session. These sessions will not be Human Design nor Astrology readings. Instead, I use these charts as reference points in your process — over time helping you understand your unique cosmic signature and how to live life from this conscious knowing.

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