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Miracle Sadhana

Start the New Year off with intention and devotion. Join me for forty days chanting Ardas Bhaee — the Mantra known as the Prayer that answers all Prayers, and that which brings miracles into our lives (quite literally).


Starts 1/11/23. Only $44. More details below.

  • Commit to a forty-day Kundalini Yoga Sadhana chanting Ardas Bhaee for eleven minutes within the energy of community. The practice involves the eleven minute chant, along with an incredibly simple Mudra.

  • The chant and community will be hosted in a private instagram account @miraclesadhana — only available to registered participants.

  • I'll go live every day at 10:30 am EST, unless otherwise stated (you'll receive advance notice if the time has to change).

  • All live recordings will be posted to the IG so you can practice anytime, anywhere!

  • Each live session will be roughly twenty to thirty minutes in length, with time for possible Q & A. (The first session may be longer since it will be the initiation session.)

  • Weekly emails will be sent for ongoing inspiration and insight (a total of five emails to be exact), as well as possible opportunities for group connection.

    It's exciting! Get ready for a truly beautiful, and heart opening journey.


This time last year, I partook in the exact same structure and Sadhana within an online community, chanting Ardas Bhaee for eleven minutes every day — at first for forty days, then on to ninety days.

The experience was nothing short of magical.  I still feel the depth and gifts of the miracles unfold in my life.

Within the first seven days of the Sadhana, I manifested things that had seemingly been stuck, or in a dry spell, for months.


The most notable one being $1500 dollars, in one day, entirely unexpectedly (literally, within the first five days or so of chanting).


This came at a time when things in my business had hit a dry spell, and I was both discouraged and unclear how to move forward.

As time went on, the chant and prayer continued to yield miracles that were beautiful surprises. Genuinely, I couldn't believe it!

The practice eventually revealed a depth of appreciation for everything, showing me that every experience in my life, in fact — the very act of breathing —  was a miracle in and of itself.

Since then, I've continued to be blessed with prosperity and growth in my business, a deeper appreciation and connection in my relationships, and continued creative motivation. (A huge win! Really. Life got hard there for a minute.)

And now, I want to share this with you! As I get ready to embark on another Sadhana, it seemed only appropriate to do it in community, anchoring the prayers in time and space.

Can't wait to hold this space for and with you.

Please note:

  • All sales are finals; there are no refunds.

  • Tangible results will vary! By no means am I promoting guaranteed manifestations. Nonetheless, the very act of committing to a spiritual practice will bear many fruits alone.

  • This, along with most Kundalini Yoga practices and eastern healing arts, is best when experienced, as opposed to intellectualizing it. As mentioned above, the practice itself is the 'medicine.'

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