Image by Max Saeling

Bridging the woo with the practical.

Welcome! I'm Alex. With the inner depths of a Scorpio (sun), the drive of an Aries (moon), the curiosity of a Gemini (rising) & the healing aura of a Projector (in Human Design), I am bred - literally, by cosmic design - to see what you don't see and help you transform it.

I merge my extensive training and experience throughout the past 10 years in yoga, integrative and holistic health, traditional indigenous medicines, consciousness studies, intuitive processes and spiritual-based entrepreneurship to create a comprehensive experience designed to help you break free from conditioning and step into the life your incarnation is here to fulfill.

In this last decade, I've:

+ Given literally thousands of hands-on SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy Sessions
+ Helped countless people heal and overcome chronic pain and disease, often preventing surgery and/or pharmaceutical interventions

+ Taught hundreds of students in Integrative Yoga Classes-combining elements of Hatha, Yin, Iyengar & Restorative Yoga

+ Worked with world renowned mentors, teachers and coaches

+ Coached many healers, change-makers and spiritual seekers into powerful, more authentic, prosperous & impactful versions of themselves

+ Provided hundreds of hours of EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique education & counseling

+ Hosted two international SomaVeda Thai Yoga training immersions

+ Offered countless workshops and weekend immersive experiences throughout the U.S.

+ Launched a Yoga & Arts Festival that operated for three years

+ Grew my coaching business to six figures in under 18 months

+ Discovered my mediumship, intuitive, empathic & clairsentient gifts 

+ Worked on myself diligently, encountering many obstacles and hardships with an open heart and soulful desire to become the best version of myself

I love to cook locally foraged food, snuggle up and watch Schitt's Creek, spend hours at the beach or in a kayak, talk about Human Design and Astrology all day, everyday, and do my part in changing extremely outdated, harmful systems on this planet by focusing on you and reminding you of your god-given potential, using practical, down to earth guidance with a touch of woo.