White Sands


Connect to the part of you that is already whole, 
and transform your life from the inside out.
Image by Paweł Czerwiński
It is possible to breakthrough.
On a physical level. On an emotional level. On a mental level.
On an energetic level, financial level, and ancestral level, too.
What you want is here for you,
waiting for you to wake up to it's potential.
It may not feel easy or within reach when there are literal or perceived barriers in the way.
Those barriers-however-are not permanent, nor set in stone (despite what society or your family may have you believe).
You can change your circumstances and create what you want for yourself, no matter your starting point, and no matter how many obstacles appear to be in front of you.
 My work blends traditional spiritual wisdom, integrative bodywork, yoga therapy, holistic health sciences and intuitive, consciousness raising practices to help you break free from conditioned patterns and limiting belief systems that stifle your growth and suppress your health (down to a neurological and spiritual level), ultimately waking you up to your true naturethat which is sacred, inherently worthy and connected to an endless stream of vitality & creativity.
With our time together, you can ...
Optimize Your Health Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind & Belief Systems.
Create Space Within for a Visceral Connection to Spirit.
Cultivate a Felt Sense of Abundance & Self Worth.
Own Your Creative Power in Every Facet of Your Life.
Release Deep Seated Trauma & Heal Ancestral Wounds.
Manifest What Your Heart Desires from a Place of Ease.

(Plus so much more, really.)

There is so much more available to you — lean in &  receive!

Image by Aaron Burden

Thai Yoga + Holistic Healing

Image by Ivan Bandura

1:1 Coaching 



"Before working with Alex, I was experiencing significant anxiety and physical tension in my body. I was working a full-time job that drained me and was unsure of how to move forward in developing my business.  Through our work together I was able to drastically reduce my experience of anxiety and fear, which allowed me to move forward in my business rather than remain stuck.  Now, I feel so much more fulfilled in my business and in life overall!" — Jill Ellen